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Knusper-Erbsen Campaign

Foodpop CI-Launch, Website Restructure

Together with the Kühne “ENJOY Knusper-Erbsen” campaign (“ENJOY Crunchy Peas”), the new “Food Pop” CI was launched. The new “Food Pop” CI gives the brand a lively and colourful face. With vivid photos and a clear focus on the product, Kühne now aims for a younger target group. For the first time, the concept of the “Kühne Idee” (“Bold Idea”) will also be presented, which focuses above all on innovation and the brand.
In this campaign, the Kühne website was adapted in accordance with the new CI, and a landing page with an interactive sweepstake to introduce the “Knusper-Erbesen” was developed. The new visual changes of the brand were underlined by contributions in the social media channels Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Accompanying the new “Knusper-Erbsen” TVC, the assets for social media postings and DIY contributions for the website were photographed by us in the new “Food Pop” style.