May 16, 2022

PepsiCo – Gatorade Website Relaunch

PepsiCo – Gatorade Website Relaunch

Make it new, make it better 

… and first of all: Make it feel like Gatorade!

A very welcome challenge by PepsiCo for their new Gatorade website. Any other wishes? Of course the new website should not only reflect the amazing taste and strong market position of one of the most famous sports drinks ever, but also the special history it has. So, we organically weaved the story of Dr. Robert Cade and his team into the web experience to let the audience know how Gatorade was created along scientific guidelines.

No success without the right technique

As in sports, so in the web. That is why we used the open source CMS Drupal for this project. With Drupal we were able to come up with a modern, dynamic design carefully garnished with motion elements to enhance the experience. This way visitors can truly get a feel for what Gatorade stands for. And what’s below the fancy surface? Steeled muscles, ready to snap – ahem, we mean fast loading times. The website loads really fast.

One of the most important objectives was to also simplify the publishing process. Drupal’s easy workflows and rights managements now make sure that PepsiCo can comfortably curate their own content.

Teamwork through and through!

With PepsiCo’s brand knowledge and our prowess in digital services we have created a website that brims with the same energy and power that Gatorade gives to athletes all over the world. And they are – together with the great product itself – the reason why Gatorade is so successful today. So we are giving them the spotlight they deserve by smartly connecting the Gatorade social network accounts and thus putting the community in the spotlight.

 About PepsiCo 

More than one billion PepsiCo products are enjoyed every single day in more than 200 countries. PepsiCo sales gross 70 billion Euros a year. This makes it one of the most successful food and beverage brands worldwide and with their broad product range they are firmly rooted in markets and minds all around the globe.