As an integral part of the full-circle agency Davies Meyer, our Corporate Communication & PR team focuses on the development, planning, realisation and cross-channel implementation of attention-grabbing content formats.

We develop (or refine your) concepts and develop (or optimise your) strategies that serve you in all communication processes. We draw our competence from our specialised teams: experienced creatives work hand in hand with data analysts and strategic planners.

We are relationship experts, internally and externally:
Externally, we establish, use and maintain contacts on behalf of our clients with strategically important stakeholders such as the media, shareholders, neighbours, citizens, associations, initiatives, legislators, investors, business partners, suppliers, etc., in order to generate understanding and sympathy or avert crises.
Internally, it’s about building or consolidating a corporate culture, a corporate image and employer branding. With our workshops and precise yardsticks, we ensure that identification with their company and the emotional bond between employees and their company are strengthened, thus promoting personal commitment, creativity and motivation.

Having worked for many years as journalists in print, online, radio and TV, we have a feeling for how and when we should best address these multipliers, how topics can be prepared in a way that is media-effective, and how media enquiries should be evaluated and answered in order to achieve desired results. Whether it’s an author’s report, technical article, feature, interview, infographic, video clip or media release – we are masters of all the different types to offer the editorial teams a variety of options for their reporting.

Tailor-made media strategies help you to achieve a media impact that is optimised in terms of target group, cost and performance. To do this, we can draw on key learnings from the past and incorporate analyses from standard market media studies such as b4p (best for planning) or MA (Media Analysis). In this way, we find the right mix of reach and relevance for each individual stakeholder approach.

Creating experiences that arouse emotions, trigger identification, stimulate communication and resonate for a long time – is part of our DNA. We design, plan and realise digital, virtual, hybrid and live events. We activate participants before, during and after the event with newsletters, invitations, personalised reminders, content hub with documentation and press kit, give-aways, etc. Innovative ideas and attention to detail are our hallmarks, as are precise budget planning, negotiating skills with contractual partners and clear reporting, which includes ROI analysis.

Social media and online publications allow bad news to spread quickly. Our professional crisis communication which works according to the principle “prevention is better than intervention, acting is better than reacting” creates security for all those affected. With optimal management and structured organisation of the channels, tensions can be reduced, the rumour mill calmed and trust (re)established.

Whether you want to inform, inspire, persuade or simply get a conversation going, creating impactful content is at the heart of our PR work. Our team reviews owned, paid and earned media. It identifies content syndication options to increase effectiveness and develops a content strategy that ensures you are seen and your messages, which we prepare in the form of text, audio files, videos and 3D animations, are shared. Our content, which picks up and activates the target groups at the touchpoints of their journey, is oriented towards their wishes and needs, it is entertaining, modern and to the point, it is search engine optimised, emotional and unique!

We all love stories. They help us learn, understand and remember. Good stories produce images in the mind and trigger emotions. The information packed into them penetrates the consciousness more easily, is linked to existing knowledge and solidifies there. So, if you provide your customers with a compelling start-up story, a unique success story or an emotional background story about your business, brand, product or service, this story will stick and build a connection with them. We support you in this and can even prepare complex topics in such a way that they captivate others – multimedia, cross-media and transmedia. In transmedia storytelling, the audience assembles the partial stories, which are distributed across several channels and media, into one big story themselves. Through participation and interaction, this story remains alive and continues to captivate and engage them.

Some words have more than one meaning and with our choice of words we also communicate unconscious information that in turn influences decisions. That’s why it’s worthwhile to think in advance of a stakeholder address about how we linguise facts, i.e. which framing or which fireworks of associations we want to invoke. Our team checks: Do the choice of words and the (secondary) meanings of the nouns, verbs and adjectives that have shaped client communication so far match the core messages? What are important key words, phrases and language images that we should use to support the positioning? Which, on the other hand, could we do without in our PR work? Reflecting on this is an excellent way to explore a company’s much-vaunted “why”: “Why are we actually doing this?” Values and attitudes can be sharpened and used effectively and efficiently for communication.

For customer research, we use a range of techniques to identify the needs, preferences, behaviours and motivations of your existing or potential customers in order to “serve” them in the best possible way. We conduct online surveys or commission them, create suitable questionnaires and work with opinion research institutes (forsa, Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, infas, YouGov and others). We evaluate the data obtained and thus improve our understanding of consumer preferences. The focus is on: demographic data, social and lifestyle trends, needs and expectations as well as attitudes towards your offer and that of your competitors.

Our continuous observation of the media landscape, serves various purposes:

  • The success of PR work, i.e. the achievement of set communication goals, can be better controlled, also in order to adjust the strategic orientation of communication if necessary (keyword: media response analysis).
  • In addition, critical topics and reports can be found promptly in order to follow them up and, if necessary, integrate them into one’s own communication. This helps to prevent or avert crises.
  • Monitoring also makes a valuable contribution to recording topics and developments that are taken up by relevant media and concern their target groups.
  • Last but not least, monitoring tools also serve to analyse the competition.

We usually work with our own tools for this purpose, but also with external media monitoring service providers (e.g. Landau, PMG, Meltwater, Brandwatch or Cision).

We recommend that you include PR evaluation in your time and cost budget right from the start. Together with you, we develop and define PR goals and the KPIs derived from them because they are crucial for measuring the impact of a campaign or project. Our experience shows that the following three benchmarks should be agreed upon:

  1. Target figure: what is being measured? (e.g. degree of awareness, increase in new customers, media presence, media contacts and dialogues).
  2. Time reference: when is the target to be achieved?
  3. Target goal: e.g. an increase in awareness or growth in the share of voice in percent