Social Media News March 2022

March 10, 2022

Design Trends 2022 


Graphic design in marketing is changing a lot from year to year. In addition, graphic design in social media is becoming increasingly important for creating inspiration and building relationships with the community.  

Tailwind has compiled the most important trends for graphic design for us. Here are the essentials to help you stay up to date with the changes: 


  1. Natural tones

For various reasons, we humans are trying to connect more with nature. That’s why cool green and clay tones are the hot colours this year. No wonder there was a big hype about the colour “sage green” already last year on TikTok. 

  1. Retro colours

Although we are approaching the future with new shades, retro colours remain strong incoming. Varieties of pastels and funky colours will accompany us this year. 

  1. Plaid

Plaid patterns will be trending this year.  Pinterest Predicts 2022 also agreed with this. The best way to try this trend is with some bright colours and playful animations. 

  1. Flowers in cottagecore aesthetic

The cottagecore aesthetic describes life in the countryside, with a lot of coziness and aesthetic living space. This of course includes flowers of any kind – in the simplest shapes and colors! 

  1. Shadows 

Natural shadows give us an image of coziness and lightness. The photo style has changed from bright clear photos to soft dimensional shadows to represent the products.  

  1. Forever young

The trend is towards colourful thick fonts and colours. Be bold and try it out! 


New Instagram feature allows users to like stories 


 Normally, we are familiar with being able to respond to Instagram stories from our friends with emojis. This reaction function then takes you directly to the DM section of Instagram.  

Instagram has now released a new feature that allows users to easily respond to a story. By clicking on a small heart to the right of the keyboard option, you can now like stories in a similar way to feed posts. The like is not displayed to the creator in the DMs as usual and is therefore helpful for accounts with a larger reach. The engagement is thus promoted without the DMs of the user may be fully spammed.  

The likes are not public as with feed posts but are only shown to the creator. How many people have liked the story can be found in the story insights.  

According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, the new function could increase the engagement of stories and at the same time make it easier to compile highlights. It could also make it simpler to connect with the community and better reveal what followers like to see.  


Pinterest statistics 2022 


Pinterest, along with Instagram and Facebook, is an important platform for online marketing with nearly half a billion users. However, the trend shows that Pinterest is losing users. Although they saw growth at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, user numbers are now falling again. According to Jan Firsching from futurebiz, Pinterest nevertheless remains an important platform for brands to sell and market their products. 

 On the international market, Pinterest user numbers have fallen by 6% compared to the previous year. Of the existing users, 72% are female. This makes Pinterest unique – however, it shows us which gender should be paid special attention to when advertising on Pinterest. The most important audiences are moms and Millenials 

 In the segment of shopping and marketing, the interaction with organic shopping pins has increased by 44%. In Germany alone, almost 4 million pieces of content are saved every day. 

 Furthermore, Pinterest statistics show us that almost 77% of active users have discovered new products via the platform. As before, Pinterest is ideal in the decision-making phase of users and provides inspiration.  

 With the rise of TikTok, many platforms have copied the idea of inspirational and fun videos. Pinterest has also promoted more and more video content on the platform. With success – video views have increased by 200%.  

 In summary, Pinterest is and will remain an important platform in online marketing. With new formats and shopping pins, the app is adapting to the wishes of companies. Perhaps Pinterest will succeed in attracting new users this way. 


Introducing Metaverse 


The Metaverse is intended to map a digital reality and take digital connections to a new level. Basically, people in the Metaverse are supposed to come together more easily in the most diverse environments. Meta relies primarily on VR technology for this. But the Metaverse also works via cell phone with 3D avatars of oneself. Similar to other online games, the Metaverse works on many platforms and devices.  

 In the future, the digital world should also work for game consoles. According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, gaming is already an important topic on Facebook, which is why Meta would like to integrate this already existing audience into the new Metaverse. With this, Facebook could also manage to attract a younger target group 

 The 3D avatars play a major role in the Metaverse. Although the digital world only exists online, users should be able to identify with their characters and make it easier for the community to enter into a next-level engagement.  

 This is where Meta might bring NFTs into play. However, this raises the question of whether NFT characters or NFT clothes retain the same value as current NFT digital items. In addition, it will be difficult to reflect one’s own identity in the avatars, if one only wants to own the coolest items and clothes to gain prestige in the game.  


TikTok announces longer videos 


TikTok has created a USP for itself with its short video formats. Shortly after its huge success, Instagram, Facebook and co. followed the video trend. Now, however, TikTok wants to extend its videos.  

First Youtube introduced short videos with Youtube Shorts, now TikTok is taking the opposite step and wants to use long video formats for itself and thus possibly attract new formats and creators.  

 Just last June, TikTok noticed from its numbers that people are overwhelmed by videos that are to long and that they have a short attention span. Nearly half of the surveyed users said videos over a minute were too draining. But then why make the videos longer? 

 There are now many tests with 3-minute videos or even videos with a length of 10 minutes. Long videos have the advantage that they get more attention and can be easily advertised. With this, TikTok tries to get its users used to longer videos, while the other social media platforms try the opposite.  

 There are also interesting statistics from TikTok. The average user opens the app 17 times a day for a total of one hour and 25 minutes. So according to Chris Stokel-Walker from wired users do have the time for longer videos. But is that what users want?  

 The longer video format could appeal to older target groups in particular, which TikTok currently has few takers. They are used to longer videos on YouTube and prefer not to watch short videos.  

 The long videos also have their risks. On the one hand, they make it more difficult for the algorithm. With shorter videos, TikTok can better analyze what the user wants to see. Also, it is more difficult to place ads between the videos, but you have to place them in the video.  

We are curious how the long videos will develop for TikTok. Especially because people like to run videos as a sideline. Maybe TikTok will reach a wider audience and make it easier to place ads.  


If you’re unsure which video length is best for your brand, take a look here 👉 Influencermarketinghub 


Youtube’s monetization plans 


Youtube is planning exciting changes to monetization this year. This could be especially exciting for creators. The focus here will once again be on the Shorts formats. The new changes should offer creators an incentive to use the format more. Youtube hopes that the lack of success of the Youtube Shorts will come belatedly. In the future, users will be able to buy products directly from a Short, for example. This could also be interesting for influencer marketing and cooperation. New editing tools are also being planned.  

 And another thing is becoming more and more similar to TikTok. In the future, users and followers will be able to respond to Shorts in the form of comments, thus increasing engagement in the format.  

 According to Caroline Immer from, the next steps for Live Shopping are also planned. With new ways to interact, the update will integrate the shopping experience even further into YouTube 

 Of course, trend topics such as NFTs and the Metaverse should not be missing. To what extent YouTube plans to include them is not yet determined – we are definitely curious! 




Anna Lemke