May 19, 2020

Digital campaign „Deutschland bestellt“

Digital campaign „Deutschland bestellt“

Due to the situation and the restrictions around the Coronavirus, restaurants and other gastronomic businesses were particularly badly affected. Many restaurants had been dependent on orders and deliveries in a short time. PepsiCo had therefore made it its goal to help and together with the federal association of german system gastronomy (Bundesverband der Systemgastronomie e. V.) and other partners from the food industry to support the catering trade.

Model for the #DeutschlandBestellt campaign was the American initiative #TheGreatAmericanTakeout, which on various campaign days called for meals to be ordered and delivered or picked up in order to enable restaurants to generate sales. Then a photo of the meal should be shared on social media so that friends can also join in. This concept was adapted by Davies Meyer and the campaign was launched within a very short time.

Users can find all the information about the initiative at
To publicize the campaign, attention-grabbing assets were published on social networks, which not only make people smile but also encouraged them to order and share. Influencers and bloggers were also brought in to activate followers and to allow the campaign to grow organically.

With over 100 million contacts in print, radio, and online media and hundreds of shared meals, we were able to do our part to bring the many local restaurants through the crisis.