February 9, 2023

Bahco – Power tools for pruning campaign

SNA Europe – Bahco
Social Media Campaign for Pruning Tools

Everyone’s talking about cutting-edge technologies … 

… but it doesn’t get any sharper than this campaign: Under the motto “Created to Cut.” we developed a B2B social media campaign for Bahco in 2021. The goal of the campaign was to showcase the launch of Bahco’s portfolio of electric pruning tools for use in vineyards, orchards, tree nurseries and green spaces. Of course, we needed to anchor the new range in the minds of the target group for the long term. 

In terms of platforms, we focused on Instagram for brand awareness and LinkedIn for lead generation. The B2B-focused target group consisted of wholesalers and buyers from the wine and olive sectors. For the campaign, we created authentic testimonials at a winery, which served as the basis for realistic application videos and visuals. 

Lots of extras in the final cut 

In addition to the successful image and video production for an eye-catching social media presence, the campaign was rounded out with a newsletter, a product catalog and a customized portfolio overview on the website. Wine and olive growers were now able to learn quickly and in detail about Bahco’s convenient, energy- and time-saving harvesting tools. In 2022, the campaign was repeated to add several olive shakers and a chainsaw to the range. 

About Bahco 

Bahco – the tool brand with the iconic logo has stood for top quality since 1886. With more than 15,000 tools in its product line and over 400 of its own patents, Bahco continues to set the standard for innovation and technology. As a brand of the SNA Europe Group, Bahco is represented in 27 countries worldwide and is successfully distributed by more than 20,000 dealers. Under the Snap-on umbrella, Bahco is also part of an international leader in tool technology with a turnover of over USD 4 billion in 2021.